Transnational Teachers –Project Coordinators‘ Meeting in Kulupenai, Lithuania, 01-04 December, 2015

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The beginning of December 2015, was very special and unusual in Kulupenai M.Valancius School, Lithuania. The school welcomed 10 teachers from the Project partner countries – Bulgaria (3 teachers), Greece (2 teachers), Poland (2 teachers), and Turkey (3teachers).

The purpose of the teachers' meeting was as following:

1. To present the project preparation results and discuss the programme of the Project concerning the nearest international meetings in Bulgaria and Poland.

2.To discuss the Project beginning details and make the Project Agreement on amount of learning teaching activities and materials to be prepared by each school.

3. To discuss the conditions and students' needs for organizing learning/teaching activities during mobility meetings and before them.

4. To decide on IT tools for the project implementation suitable for all the partners. (besides eTwinnig platform which will be the main field of communication during the project lifetime)

5. To discuss the process of creating intellectual outputs and the materials necessary for them to be created .

Kulupenai M.Valancius Scholl prepared the programme for the teachers' visit. All the school community was involved into preparations for the event. The students gave presentations about their school and welcomed the foreign teachers with the concert.

Besides the teachers' workshops related to the objectives of the meeting, Lithuanian colleagues offered a cultural programme for the guests.